Jun 8, 2010

Space Shuttle Theme

Space exploration is something that naturally fascinates kids. and there are many object lessons to be drawn from the "heavens". See Psalm 19:1-6.

Last year God impressed me with a cool space based program that teaches about the battle between Christ and Satan for each person's life. I was also impressed with a simple and inexpensive way to make a space shuttle that the kids could get inside to hear the Bible stories. I also found the parts to the Astronaut costume really cheaply.

We just got done with a great weekend at KS-NE Campmeeting leading the Primary Division in which we used this theme of Space Exploration. It worked wonderfully!

I plan to write up the plans to the shuttle so that anyone can use it. If you want a copy of these plans just email me. You can see pictures of the assembly here. As I set this thing up I realized it could easily be converted into a covered wagon or a greenhouse to make it useful for many themes.

The space suit consisted of the following: